Protege Program

The Whitestone Protégé Program is an intensive one-year apprenticeship that requires talent, discipline, consistency, and thick skin.

Protégés learn by doing, and most are asked to produce content on a consistent (often weekly) basis. Think of it less like a school and more like filmmaking bootcamp….that lasts an entire year. You will meet with and train under the top filmmakers at Whitestone on a weekly basis, as well as get access to shadow the filmmakers as they make their films through the year. 
We basically teach the sh*t you can't Google.

Successful protégés become part of the Whitestone community, have access to top leaders, learn and grow in their skill areas, are developed in leadership and self-management, and get to be part of Whitestone’s vision to change the world.

  • This program is not for the faint of heart.
  • This is not a class.
  • This is not a school.
  • This is real filmmaking.

Hobbyists and casual filmmakers need not apply. We will be selecting only those who show a desire to grow and push themselves beyond the limits of what they thought possible as a filmmaker.

Here’s the bad news. We are currently CLOSED for accepting applicants at this time. We open our call for applicants once a year, usually in the first quarter. Don’t lose heart though, you can still apply to our internship program for an opportunity to get involved with Whitestone on a quarterly basis. If you’re interested in the internship program email:

For further information email: